Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coffee Filter Angel

I wanted to do a craft with Baby Bear that had a little more to do with the real Christmas story than Santa, reindeer, and elves. I had an idea to use coffee filters to make angels, but I needed some inspiration to help get me started. After doing an image search online to see how other people have used coffee filters to make angels, I was ready.

Materials: coffee filters, scissors, yarn/ribbon, cotton balls, yellow (or gold) chenille stems. I grabbed a couple of markers too in case Baby Bear wanted to draw faces on the angels, but we ended up not using them. I made one to try it out while Baby Bear was sleeping and to show him what we were going to make.

I used two coffee filters per angel. Baby Bear placed a cotton ball in the middle of one filter and wrapped it up to look like a ghost. Then, I placed a second filter under the cotton ball to add a layer. This parts wasn't necessary, but I thought it looked nice. I secured these together by tying a ribbon around the angel's neck,, bow in front.
After forming the chenille stems into halos on sticks, I stuck the stick end through the string on the back of the angel. For some angels, I folded a third coffee filter into wings and used the chenille stem to secure them in back by wrapping it around the middle of the wings. For other angels, I used wide ribbons instead but secured them the same way with the end of the chenille stem in back.

Finally, I tied a loop of ribbon around the top of the halo in the back so we could hand our angels from the tree. Honestly, Baby Bear couldn't help with these as much as with most crafts we do together. He helped wrap the cotton balls and he picked out all the ribbon colors, and he was content with that. His favorite part was hanging them on the Christmas tree.

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