About Me

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I am Sonya. I am a stay-at-home mom to one son and a housewife. I am a certified elementary teacher with four years teaching experience as well as a Masters of Arts in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. I learned a lot about teaching in college and in the classroom, but I think trying to keep my two-year-old occupied with meaningful activities day in and day out has drastically improved my teaching abilities and stretched my educational paradigm.

When my son was born, he was just right. Absolutely perfect in his father's and my eyes. He liked everything just right, too. His near OCD-ness about wanting things a particular way from the very beginning reminded us of the story of The Three Bears, and so, he became our Baby Bear.

I maintain this blog to share some of the activities my Baby Bear and I do together to keep ourselves busy and help his little mind grow. In the book Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten, author David Perlmutter claims that the first five years of life are when the human brain undergoes the most drastic developmental changes. I hope to give my Baby Bear the best start possible with these activities as well as to help other little minds grow by sharing them. I'm perfectly imperfect, but I try, and I hope that is what my son remembers about me when he is grown.

I do not pretend that all of my ideas are original; and, even the ones I did come up with on my own can probably be found on another blog written by someone quicker and wiser than me. I follow many blogs created by creative teachers and moms, my favorites of which may be found on the sidebar. I encourage you to check them out.

Thank you for reading my blog!