Friday, August 5, 2011

Bath Toy

While looking for ways to entertain my little toddler, I stumbled across an idea for a homemade watering can of sorts. On the site I read about this on, it was suggested to make holes in the lid of an empty plastic bottle. This seemed like a lot of work when the bottom of the bottle is much easier to puncture. So, with a thumb tack and an empty Coke bottle, I set to work.

I peeled the label off and poked 3-4 holes into each little section on the bottom of the bottle. That's it! During next bath, my husband filled the bottle with water and held it up for my son to see. Baby Bear was instantly intrigued. At first, he just watched intently as the water streamed down. Then, he held his hands under the running water. After a few more bath times, he began giving his toys showers, sticking his head under the streaming water, and filling and holding the bottle himself. It took all of 3 minutes to make this bath toy, but it has lead to as much as 20 minutes of entertainment at a time.

*Note: This will not work with the lid on.

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