Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cloth Discovery Box

Discovery boxes have become my new baby/toddler go-to activity. If Baby Bear is fussy and the usual arsenal of favorite toys is not working, I can throw together a quick and simple discovery box to peak his interest and distract him. The number of kinds of discovery boxes one might create are seemingly limitless!

This particular discovery box was not just thrown together as it required some minor prep work during one of Baby Bear's naps. I just happened to have a near-empty wipes container and some scrap material lying around, so I made a discovery box similar to one I had read about online. I chose half a dozen pieces of material with as much diversity of colors and textures as possible, and I cut them into squares about the size of my hand. I took the lid off the wipes container, threw the scrap cloths inside, and it was ready for when Baby Bear woke from his nap. I first gave this box to him when he was six months old, and now, at 12 months, he still likes to pull it out and rediscover its contents every once in a while.

Idea credit: The Imagination Tree

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