Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Contact Paper Collage

I wanted to do an art project with Baby Bear, but I needed something simple and with minimal chance of him tearing it all up and putting it in his mouth. On one of the blogs I follow (The Imagination Tree), I read about using contact paper as a background for making a collage. I just happened to have a couple of rolls sitting in a craft box that were not overly sticky. I grabbed one of these rolls as well as some foam dinosaur stickers, tissue paper, painter's tape, and a leftover bow... all items that would hopefully stick to the contact paper well enough that Baby Bear could not keep pulling them back off.

I used double-sided tape to stick the contact paper to a chair in the kitchen and proceeded to show Baby Bear how to stick the tissue paper and stickers to the paper. The lesson did not last long before he took over the project. :)

The painter's tape was by far Baby Bear's favorite item to add to the collage, hence the greater number of blue pieces. The foam dinosaur stickers and bow proved to be too easy for Baby Bear to peel back off the page, sometimes heading for his mouth. Should we do this activity again, I will save these parts for last. All in all, I think the contact paper collage was a great art project for my son as he transitions into toddlerhood.

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