Monday, September 26, 2011

More Sensory Bottles

After reading some fantastic ideas for discovery bottles on the Pre-school Play blog, I just had to make a few of them, or ones similar to them, for Baby Bear. I hot glued the tops on because he likes to try to open containers now. These are the ones I made:

  • 1/3 oil, 2/3 water, 3 drops food coloring, 1t glitter in a plastic bottle
  • About 10 decorative glass stones in a bottle of shampoo with the label peeled off
  • The letters of Baby Bear's first name written on an index card and cut into individual letters thrown into a plastic bottle with shredded metallic tissue paper
  • Silk flowers sprayed with a floral perfume in an empty spice container (I left the lid so that it would open and Baby Bear could smell the flowers.) (Notes about this sensory bottle: 1) Make sure the flowers and their parts are too big to fall through the holes of the lid. 2) Choose your spice container wisely. I did not, and mine ended up smelling like flower perfume mixed with the spice that container used to hold. Not pretty.)

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