Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cardboard Box Clubhouse

Someone in my Mom's Club was getting new kitchen appliances, and I knew this meant extra large boxes. So, I asked her to save me one. When she dropped off this huge box that her stove came in, I was ecstatic! Baby Bear had really liked a play house constructed from cardboard someone else in Mom's Club had at her house, so I thought I'd make him his own little clubhouse.

I cut out a door and two windows in the box.

Then, I used colored duck tape around the edges, both for color and to keep Baby Bear from picking at the little cardboard frays. The neighbor girls came over and helped us paint the box. We used poster paint, which I had not intended for Baby Bear to help with (I thought he'd play with the neighbor boy while we girls painted). Baby Bear thought my apple tree needed some work, though, so I gave him a clean brush to "help" with.

I didn't take a picture of the finished product because the girls wrote their names and Baby Bear's name in several places, and that's something I try to be careful not to share on my blog.
Baby Bear likes his clubhouse. Since the weather is still nice, I usually set the box on an old rug in the driveway or in the garage, and I put his little chair inside along with a few toys. He also likes playing his own version of hide-and-seek-meets-peek-a-boo with me using the box. :)

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