Friday, December 23, 2011

Karo Syrup Painted Christmas Lights

I loved this idea I saw for Karo Syrup painted Christmas lights on the Preschool Snacks blog. Another edible paint... and this one dries shiny! All I did was add food coloring to some Karo Syrup, dip Baby Bear's finger in it to make finger print lights, let it dry, and add some words for a Christmas card! I really wanted to help Baby Bear make a pattern of red-green-red-green with the lights, but his 16-month-old patience isn't quite built enough to withstand a color change yet. :)

I helped Baby Bear make 4 finger prints in a row for each card.
Then, Baby Bear got to paint a little with the leftover paint.

He LOVED this edible paint! Yes, he was a sticky mess at the end, but the great thing about Karo Syrup is that is washes off pretty easily. I just stuck Baby Bear in the bathtub and let him play for a bit, and he came out sticky-mess-free.

I added a Christmas message, signed Baby Bear's name, and taped a no-mess glitter ornament to each card.

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