Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to Basics: Classic Toy #7

My son has a doll. That's right. He only has one, and it's fairly boyish-looking as far as dolls go; but, no matter how you dress it, it's still a doll. The way I see it, Baby Bear's doll isn't really all that different than the Little People figurines he plays with. I think dolls are a great classic toy because they are an important part of developing imaginative play skills. Since receiving his doll, Baby Bear has begun to pretend more. He hugs, feeds, and plays with his doll as well as other people and animal toys. He is also learning more about interacting with babies when I play with him and the doll, which will come in handy at baby/toddler play dates with my moms group. A little imaginative play that also encourages good social skills is good for both boys and girls.

Hugging the baby

Sharing his juice

Giving the baby a ride "on" his trike ;)


  1. The boys in my class often play with our dolls - it's so nice to see how nurturing and caring they can be.

  2. NAEYC shared a great article before Christmas discussing gender neutral toys. Toys like dolls and play food and kitchens teach children to nurture, while toys like blocks teach math and problem solving skills. Although we associate some with boys and some with girls, they are both teaching our children valuable lessons. Thanks for sharing on Baby Play Friday.

  3. Leeanne, yes it is nice to see how nurturing rough-and-tumble boys can be!

    Kristin, that article sounds very interesting. I will have to look it up. Baby Bear has play food, a small play kitchen, and blocks, too. :)