Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indoor Water Play: Colored Water

A while back, while walking through Target, I came across some Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors on sale. The package contained 9 water coloring tablets, and this sounded like something Baby Bear would like, so I grabbed them.

The package warned against consumption, so I made sure to use one after Baby Bear had enough to drink so he wouldn't be tempted to try to drink the water in the bathtub. I also made sure he didn't see me throw the tablet in the tub because I didn't want him to try to pick it up and taste it. Furthermore, I only threw the tablet in the tub for the last 5 minutes of water play time to reduce the chances that he would get any in his mouth. I say all this to help any other parents thinking about using similar color changing tablets be as cautious as possible, not to scare anyone away from bathtub fun. I am looking for a homemade, more toddler-friendly alternative for future use, but these have worked just fine for short periods of indoor water play.

I loved the look of surprise on Baby Bear's face when all of a sudden his water was blue! He kept scooping the water up in the measuring cups I gave him to play with and examining it with his eyes and hands. He had similar reactions on other occasions when I turned the water yellow and green. What a fun way to play with water indoors while learning basic colors at the same time!

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