Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Sensory Box

I almost forgot to post about the winter sensory box Baby Bear and I did as a part of our snow week! Basically, I grabbed many small blue and white items of varying textures, and placed them in a plastic bin. These items included cotton balls, pom-poms with a tinsel-like coat, pipe cleaners twisted into snowflakes, foam snowflakes, and decorative stones. I took a chance with the stones because Baby Bear is still getting out of the phase where everything has to go in his mouth, but since we played with this box together, they worked out pretty well. I also counted how many we started with to help keep track of them. In the end, these stones were his favorite part!

The decorative stones were buried on the bottom of the box, so Baby Bear pulled out the other items, examined them, and felt their textures before he found the stones. Once he found them, it was as if none of the other items even existed! We must have played with them for at least an hour before I finally had to put them away so we could go on with our day!

The contents

Dumping the box and digging through the contents to find all the decorative stones

Filling Mama Bear's hand with the stones

He found a few of his play cups in a toy box and spent quite a while pouring the stones from cup to cup. He sure loved playing with them!

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