Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Baby Bear and I have done crayon resist paintings before, but never a secret note. On the Awesomely Awake blog, they commonly write family love notes, including some in the form of crayon resist painting. What a wonderful idea! So, for Valentine's day, I wrote a secret message for Papa Bear with white crayon on white paper. That evening when Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and I sat down to paint, I handed Baby Bear the paper with the secret message and some watered down tempura paints. As he and Papa Bear painted, they revealed the message, "We love you, Daddy!" Papa Bear hung it up on his desk after it dried. :)

I saved this activity for last because writing family love notes and making something special for loved ones should not be reserved for Valentine's Day alone. This is something we can all do year round. <3

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  1. Hope you had a blast. Thanks for linking to AA!! It's so great to meet you. Adorable family you have there!!