Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Slime

For months now I have been taking note of the various blog posts about homemade slime using Borax, glue, and water. I wanted to make it for Baby Bear, but I had to wait until he was far enough out of the "everything goes in my mouth" stage before it was safe enough. Well, we finally reached that point, so Baby Bear and I made Valentine Slime!

Although I have seen this recipe on numerous sites, this one from It's Gravy Baby is the one that inspired me to try this for Valentine's Day. Here is the recipe I used, but I cut it in half:

- Dissolve 1t Borax in 1c water.  Set aside.
- Empty glue into bowl. (I used white glue, so my red food coloring made pink slime. I'm going to try clear glue next time.)
- Fill your empty glue bottle with water and pour it into the bowl of glue.
- Add food coloring and stir. (You could add glitter, too!)
- Pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture and stir.
- Finish by dumping the excess water and kneading with hands until dry.

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  1. Cute! We made this today too as part of the valentines for Joshua's kindergarten fun!