Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Sponge Painting

Baby Bear likes painting with different tools, so this week I introduced him to sponge painting. I cut a heart shape from a sponge, showed him how to use it as a stamp, and gave it to him to try. It was an instant hit!

I dribbled a little bit of tempura paint into a bowl. I chose this instead of our paint tray so the sponge could soak up more colors. I was also careful about the order I place them in so that Baby Bear could watch the colors mix to make new colors as he painted.

Dipping the sponge into the paint

Stamping a heart

Lots of stamping!

Look, Mama! More colors!!! Mix, mix, mix!

The finished product (with a few hand, foot, and leg prints mixed in ;) )

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