Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farm Sensory Box with Black-eyed Peas

While walking through Kroger a few weeks back, I spotted bags of black-eyed peas sitting on the bargain shelf for only a quarter a piece! I immediately knew that I wanted these for a sensory box and snatched up four bags. Days later, I sat staring at the bags wondering what kind of sensory box to use them for... besides something Halloween-themed. One Google search later, this zoo box from Pink and Green Mama turned up, and it was perfect for my Baby Bear! I made a farm box using some of Baby Bear's Little People animals, a little tractor, and a toy bale of hay. I also had half a container of oatmeal that had been sitting in the pantry for too long, so I added that as well. Finally, I threw in a couple of measuring cups because Baby Bear loves pouring from container to container.

Sometimes, the animals ate the oats, but mostly Baby Bear just loved playing with the black-eyed peas. This box stayed out for over two weeks, and just a couple days after I put it away Baby Bear asked to pull it out again. He LOVED pouring the black-eyed peas from cup to cup and could spend the entire play time just doing that.

He liked when I buried one of the animals and he could go digging to find it, or when I buried his hand and pretended it disappeared. He grinned from ear to ear as let me look for a few seconds before pulling it back out and shouting, "There!"

And of course, no play time involving any kind of box would be complete without Baby Bear climbing inside to play.

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