Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homemade Pizza Rolls

My son is a picky eater (shocker... he's a toddler!). He's also a little funny about pizza in that he likes when I share my crust with him, and he'll eat the black olives off the top if I have them, but he won't eat the cut-up slice I offer him. No, it's not the tomato sauce or cheese; he loves that stuff. Like I said, funny. That's why it surprised me when my son wanted me to share the pizza roll I made at a moms group cooking activity. Since then, I've started making these rolls at home, and he eats them every time.

All I do is lay out some Pillsbury crescent rolls, spread a little sauce over each, add toppings if desired, and sprinkle a little cheese on top. Then, I roll the crescents like normal and bake them like the directions on the crescent rolls package say. I have learned that if you add more than just a little sauce, a little cheese, and minimal toppings, it takes longer to bake. It's also a lot messier. Less is more. Also, if you add a topping that contains a little moisture (like black olives), it takes a few more minutes to cook the crescents all the way through. They really are simple, and older children could help make their own, which is what we did at the moms group activity where I learned to make these. And the best part is, even my picky toddler will eat them!

Ham for Papa Bear, black olives for Mama Bear, and just right plain cheese for Baby Bear. The pan is a little messy because this is when I learned that less is more. :)

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