Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretend Play: Doctor

While enrolled in my university's education program, I was required to purchase a science kit for one of my classes. This kit was jam packed with tools, materials, and lesson plans for every age group to conduct hands-on science lessons. It was fantastic! Now, though many of the materials are used, I still have this kit and it's remaining tools, including a stethoscope that I recently gave my son for pretend play.

I showed him how to put the pieces in his ears and hold it up to his heart to listen to his heartbeat. He thought this was great! It wasn't long before he started pulling it out and using it with his stuffed animals. So, of course, I had to make him a complete doctor bag!

I used an old make-up bag and filled it with the stethoscope, a large medicine dropper, an oral syringe, a thermometer (non-mercury, of course), a medicine measuring cup, extra large plastic tweezers, a large craft stick (tongue depressor), and lots of band-aids.
He liked the oral syringe, but he thought it needed to be filled with water and used as a squirt gun. Now, it's in with his bathtub toys

Optimus Prime needed a band-aid.

His pony needed one, too.

He put the stethoscope into the pony's ears, so I helped the pony listen to his heartbeat. :)
Paging Dr. Batman! This is now one of my all-time favorite pictures! It's not easy finding pretend play accessories for boys in most stores' toy isles, and the ones you find online can be expensive. A homemade doctor's bag is a great way to help boys  pretend, too. (Also would be great for girls!)


  1. Plus the stethoscope will actually work. Riley's is a cute pink doctor's kit, but she has no idea why she has the stethoscope in her ears because she can't hear anything.

  2. How cute! I remember my mom doing this for my sister when she was younger and she loved it! She covered her baby dolls in bandaids :)

  3. Love him! I love that you picked that picture for the link! You can always link up more than one link if you want at the link party. We have so many moms with toddlers that I know they would love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.