Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gardening with a Toddler: Part 3

Baby Bear has flowers in his garden! Actually, he has quite a few flowers now and is thoroughly enjoying touching, smelling, watering, and picking them as he pleases (with a little guidance from Momma about how to be careful with living things so they stay living). Since we got our landscaping done a few months ago, all he has been able to help with is watering those plants, so having a special garden all his own is like a release to for him. When we look out the kitchen window that hangs over his garden, he likes to point at his yellow flowers. Also, because so few of the seeds from our previously planting actually sprouted, we scatter a LOT more over the ground. Now, there are plenty of tiny sprouts poking their leaves up through the mulch, and soon, Baby Bear will be able to care for and pick those as well! I am so glad we did his toddler-friendly garden, and I have many more ideas for next year's garden!

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