Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bubble Party

I don't know if I've mentioned this on here before, but I love where I live!!! Throughout the summer months, the local parks have had such fun community activities geared toward kids for families to attend. One time we went and found a couple dozen vehicles of all sorts parked on the lawn, all sitting with their doors open and ready for the kids to play in them! I'll have you know, my Baby Bear was the first kid of the day to discover how the sirens of the SWAT truck work. ;) Seeing as how parking all kinds of community vehicles on a lawn for a play date isn't feasible for most people, I thought I'd share one of the activities Baby Bear and I attended that would be great for a play date.

The event was called Bubble Buster, and it was best suited for kids approximately 1-4 years of age, though I'm sure it could be adjusted to suit kids a little bit older if needed. Basically, it was just lots and lots of bubbles for the kids to play in! There was a bubble machine that made most of the bubbles, which Baby Bear loved playing in, and then there were several kiddy pools full of bubble solution and bubble wands. Most of the bubble solution was poured into frisbies, which I wasn't sure of the reasoning behind, but I'm guessing it helped reduce the overall amount of solution needed. Off to the side of all the bubbles there was a sprinkler set up for the kids to play in, especially once they were done playing in the bubbles to help get all the soap off. Finally, at the end of the play time, the Parks and Rec workers who had run the event handed out icy pops to all the kids. All the while, there was children's music playing from a CD player in the shelter next to us. It really was such a simple event, yet the little ones had so much fun! I think this would be great to recreate for a play date!

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