Sunday, August 5, 2012

Couch Fort

When Baby Bear and I first started making and playing in forts, we used bed sheets over the dining room table. It worked well, but after a while Baby Bear started asking for a "house" in the living room. Papa Bear had the idea to use the couch cushions to make a living room fort. We stood the two loveseat cushions on end and then capped them with one of the longer couch cushions for a roof. It was just big enough for Baby Bear and a few of his toys to fit in, but he loved it. Now, pretty much every day Baby Bear asks for his "house" on the couch. It just goes to show, a fort doesn't have to be fancy or even well-built. You can use whatever materials you have around and use your imagination to put them together.

Playing with blocks inside the fort

He gathered all his "kids" (multicultural puppets from my teaching days) and a dog into the "house" and then put them to bed. :)

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