Sunday, August 26, 2012

Zoo Box

Shortly before Baby Bear's birthday, we went to the zoo. I wanted to go on his birthday, but the dinosaur exhibit was ending before that, so we went a little early. We walked alllllll around the zoo... and walked, and walked, and walked. Well, I walked, and Baby Bear got to ride in his stroller most of the time. We enjoyed seeing the birds and mammals, and Baby Bear named some of them as we walked. I thought the dinosaurs were awesome! The animatronics were very well done! Baby Bear was scared of most of them, though, so we walked pretty fast through that part of the zoo. His favorite part was the building that housed the fish, reptiles, and amphibians, and we had to visit it twice (which I didn't mind because it was air conditioned!). All in all, we had a great time!

The next day, we reviewed our trip by making a zoo sensory box. I poured popcorn kernels into the sensory bin as a filler, and then Baby Bear and I collected various animal figures and finger puppets from around the house that represented some of the animals we had seen at the zoo... dinosaurs included! As we played, we named the animals, made animal noises, and talked about the animals' appearances. Our zoo box was a great way to review all we had seen and done on our field trip to the zoo.

Baby Bear with one of the dinosaurs

The contents of our zoo box
Playing outside the box just wasn't enough I guess. :)

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