Saturday, October 27, 2012

Toilet Paper Ghosts

The only craft I remember doing as a kid (besides carving pumpkins) is making toilet paper ghosts. My sisters and I could spend hours making dozens and dozens of these simple little ghosts, and then we'd hang them up all over the house. I thought I'd try them out with Baby Bear to see how he liked them. Turned out, he loved them! For the past few days, we've been making little toilet paper ghosts, and tonight we hung them from the trees outside for a small Halloween party we hosted. He is so proud of these little ghosts we made!

Baby Bear balled up one sheet of toilet paper (we use the soft, good stuff, not that thin papery stuff, so it only took one sheet). Then, I placed the ball in the middle of a three-sheet-long piece and folded the three sheets over the ball, thus creating the ghost head. I tied off the head with a piece of yarn. Finally, Baby Bear helped me add eyes and a mouth with a black marker.

We had to wait to hang out decorations because Baby Bear had so much fun playing with them! He would carry them by the strings around the house calling out, "Oooooo!" and, "Boo!" He thinks these ghosts and his Bert, Ernie, and Woody pumpkins are the best parts of Halloween. Forget the candy, bring on the ghosts and pumpkins!

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