Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colorful Cornucopia

While looking through Thanksgiving craft ideas online, I came across a tear paper cornucopia in a toddler craft list on My Delicious Ambiguity. Although Baby Bear already knows his colors, he still likes pointing them out on everything he sees and doing color-specific activities. So, I thought he might like this craft. It turned out that he did like it, but for a different reason than I thought he would.

This was the set-up. I found a cornucopia coloring page that included several colorful foods that were big enough to put distinguish and little papers over.

At first, Baby Bear liked adding the correct color of paper to the food after I smeared some glue.

Then he decided that he should be the one smearing the glue and directing mommy on how to place the papers. Since he was still helping name the colors of the foods correctly, I played along.

This is the finished product. You can probably tell that I ended up placing most of the papers, but Baby Bear was definitely directing me on their placement. He even decided that one apple should be green and the other red. He also helped fill in some "holes" between the little papers when he thought I had missed a spot. My kid was born to be a CEO. ;)

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