Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paper Plate Elf

This year, our family joined the Elf on the Shelf tradition. Baby Bear named our elf Harry (Papa Bear and I were throwing out random names and that's the one he really liked). I wish I could say that behavior has improved since Harry joined our home, but up until today he's had no effect. Baby Bear doesn't get the whole spy-on-you-and-report-back-to-Santa thing. In Baby Bear's mind, Santa brings presents to other good girls and boys, but his presents come from the store, so all he needs is for Mama Bear to take him to the store. Everything he wants is there anyway, right? I'm telling you, he's the king of loopholes... he gets that from Papa Bear. ;) Anyway, yesterday Harry made a quick trip to visit Santa at the North Pole while Baby Bear was napping. He told Santa that Baby Bear was being a very good boy that day, so Santa sent him back with a new Veggie Tales movie to give Baby Bear as an early Christmas present. That's why Baby Bear's behavior suddenly improved today. He speaks the language of bribery.

To go along with our new elf tradition, Baby Bear and I made a paper plate elf. I know it is more common to make paper plate Santas, but we wanted to do something a little different. I drew on a face and cut out pieces for the hat (Baby Bear got to pick the color), ears, and shirt collar. Then, Baby Bear helped me color the plate and ears. I gave him the hat to decorate, which he chose to do in green glitter glue spots. Next, I glued the hat to the plate so Baby Bear could add some cotton balls for the brim and the puff ball at the end. Finally, I glued on the ears and collar. Baby Bear had a lot of fun gluing on the cotton balls, so we may end up making a Santa too. Or, perhaps we'll come up with another less-crafted character.

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