Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bowling for Soap

Not to be mistaken for the band called Bowling for Soup. ;)

I am one proud (and amused) mama bear at just how creative my Baby Bear can be sometimes. For example, after returning from a shopping trip, Baby Bear dug through the grocery bags looking for anything I might have bought for him. To my surprise, he got pulled out the package of bars of soap, got very excited, and started exclaiming, "Blocks! Blocks! Play with blocks!" No matter how many times or ways I tried to explain that they were bars of soap, not blocks, he insisted he needed to play with them. I finally opened the package, intending on showing him exactly what I meant. Instead, he showed me exactly what he meant when he grabbed the bars and started stacking them like blocks.

Our family spent all evening playing with bars of soap!!! First, we built with them as Baby Bear had wanted. Papa Bear had fun finding new architectural designs. Baby Bear enjoyed knocking every new structure down. Then, we set them up like bowling pins, rolled a ball at them, and bowled for soap. This was a huge hit with Baby Bear! Remind me why we parents buy our kids toys again?!

 So, if you're facing yet another rainy, cold day and need a fun new activity to turn to, try bowling for soap! It's good, clean fun! (Wocka wocka!)

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