Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to Basics: Classic Toy #4

 Around our house, we love blocks! Almost every evening after Papa Bear gets home from work, Baby Bear grabs his bag of blocks and wants us to build with him. Sometimes Baby Bear just wants to destroy whatever we are building, sometimes he wants to help, and sometimes he builds a figure of his own. Sometimes Papa Bear and I will keep building even after Baby Bear has moved on to a different toy. :)

Until Baby Bear began playing with blocks, I didn't realize just how much hand-eye coordination goes into making two blocks fit together. This toy was actually a little frustrating to Baby Bear for a little while because he wanted to make the blocks to go together, but this skill didn't come naturally. It took a lot of practice and a little help, but eventually he got it. The tip that helped our Baby Bear the most was telling him to pat down a block after he put it on top of another one so they would stay together. The first time this worked gave him such a sense of accomplishment!

Showing Grandma his mad skills

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