Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frozen Treasure Hunt

In my search for summertime, toddler-friendly activities, I came across this idea on the Messy Kids blog. Take various small toys, freeze them in some water, and let the kids watch the toys magically appear as the ice melts. I decided to give it a go with Baby Bear. I froze a shape from his sorter, a pig from his Little People farm, a bath toy, and a pacifier in 4oz plastic containers.

At first, Baby Bear just stared at the figures and tried to figure out what on earth Mama Bear had done this time.

After a few minutes of observing the frozen treasures, Baby Bear decided they needed to go in the pool... and so did he! He really wanted to see what would happen if he ran the hose over the frozen objects. (I think he realized it made them melt faster... he's too smart!)

The frozen pacifier had the best reaction! Once Baby Bear realized what was hidden in that block of ice, he kept trying to put it in his mouth, ice and all! After a couple minutes of laughing and taking pictures, I helped him break off the remaining ice. ;)

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