Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drizzle Painting

For a fall art activity, I decided to make some yellow and red corn starch paints and let Baby Bear paint them into a mix of fall hues. I accidentally made them a little thicker than I intended, which did not work well for finger painting, but my little Baby Bear made his own fun painting technique. I called it drizzle painting.

Baby Bear began by pouring some of the yellow onto the paper and tried to paint with his fingers. When this did not work, he picked the container back up and began drizzling it all over. I guess he liked this effect because he did the same with the red.

When he moved the paper, the red and yellow paint oozed and mingled, creating a fun marbled look.

Baby Bear was pleased with the activity. The only bad part about the thick paint was that we could not keep the picture for hanging because the paint flaked off too easily once dry.

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