Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bean Bags and Blocks Discovery Box

Say that three times fast!!!

For Halloween, I bought Baby Bear a bean bag toss game to help him work on his hand-eye coordination. He loved the bean bags from the game! One day, the wipes in our container ran out. Before I could refill them, Baby Bear ran off with the tub and started playing. So, of course, I joined in!

The bean bags were next to me, so I threw them into the container. Baby Bear thought this was brilliant! We had fun with those for a while, and then he decided that his box needed more. He ran over to his blocks, grabbed a couple handfuls, and brought them over to be added to the box.

This is just one example of how simple and fun discovery boxes can be.

**Important note: Bean bags are meant for children a little older than Baby Bear, and I only let him use these under CLOSE supervision.**

The contents

Opening and closing the lid

Adding a block

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  1. Oh, I bet he had a lot of fun with that! And that's so great for his development! Great discovery box!