Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leaf Wreath

In our front yard is a scattering of small trees on which the leaves turn brilliant hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown each fall. Baby Bear and I were out observing and playing in these leaves just before the rain clouds overhead burst open and confined our playing to indoors for the rest of the day. The leaves were so beautiful, and we were having so much fun that neither of us wanted to go in. We resolved some of this by collecting a few dozen colorful leaves. I didn't know what we were going to do with them yet, but I was sure I could come up with something.

During Baby Bear's nap, I came across this idea for fall wreaths on the Preschool Playbook blog. I didn't have potpourri, but it was perfect for our leaves. I cut the center from a paper plate and made paste from flour and water (just mix the two until you get the desired consistency). Then, when Baby Bear woke up from his nap, we set to work.

Helping Mama Bear add leaves to the wreath... and then pulling them back off, and resticking them about a dozen times. :)

The finished product! You can tell the top half is the part Baby Bear helped most with because of the messy paste, but knowing he did that makes me just love it all the more.

For Baby Bear, the paste was the best part. He started painting the table with it as soon as the wreath was done.
We will be making more wreaths for the upcoming holidays as well. This was a great toddler-friendly activity!

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