Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eric Carle Art Playroom

We have a very small room just off the family room in our house. It is basically the size of a large closet, yet it has a closet of its own with great storage space. What to do with this room??? Papa Bear and I decided to turn it into Baby Bear's playroom and a space where Baby Bear and I can do crafts together when it is too cold to go outdoors. The question then became, how should we decorate this play space?

My original idea was to frame animal pictures friends of mine had taken at the zoo. I had them printed, matted, framed, and ready to be hung. Then, as I was walking through Target, I spotted some wall stickers for the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?" This was Baby Bear's favorite book at the time, they were so cute, and they were inexpensive. Suddenly, I was inspired to create an Eric Carle Art playroom! His nursery is Dr. Seuss, so why not? I ordered more wall stickers online for the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and the room fell together beautifully.

Baby Bear loves to follow along in his book while I tell the story using the pictures on the wall.

Cute and instructional!

He loves pointing to the caterpillar above his toy box.

This will make great science and math lessons some day! I also made a chalkboard in the room using chalkboard paint (the blur is where I had his name written, not the paint). Since this picture, I have also painted a border around the board.

My favorite part about how the room turned out is how Baby Bear makes connections between the stickers on the walls and his books. I think it makes him even more excited to read.

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