Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

For trick-or-treating next week, I bought a pack of glow sticks to help ensure our safety while walking down the road from house to house. We won't need all of the glow sticks that came in the pack for that, though. So, Papa Bear and I grabbed a few for our family to play with after the sun went down a few nights ago. We also grabbed the black light I bought to use on our front porch for Halloween night, and Baby Bear was wearing his skeleton pajamas that glow in the dark. Equipped with all our glow-in-the-dark gadgets, we headed to the windowless playroom!

Baby Bear shaking the glow sticks around

The black light was a little disappointing because it was not strong enough to have much of an effect. The glow sticks and pajamas were a lot of fun, though!

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