Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Challenge on Pause

Sorry I haven't been posting about the challenge lately. I thought Baby Bear was doing better, but as it turns out, he's still pretty under the weather. He has not been interested in participating in any of the most recent challenges, but he has enjoyed going back over some of the old ones time and again. We've been playing with blocks like crazy, he still loves his sensory box, and water play continues to be a favorite around here. Even though it is disappointing to me to not keep trying new things with Baby Bear, I love knowing that he has a few new favorite activities to fall back on. They have sort of become a comfort to him since he hasn't been feeling well.

Meanwhile, I will keep trying to introduce Baby Bear to each challenge of the day as well as try to go back to old ones we missed. Who knows, maybe he will discover another new favorite?

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