Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part F

I'm a little late on posting about these Challenge activities because we did not do them on the designated days due to illness. But, the way I see it is that it's never too late to play with your kids. So, we're going back and doing the activities we missed! Day 12 was a field trip, and we haven't quite been up for that one yet, so we'll probably do that some time this weekend.

Day 11: Outdoor Adventures
Baby Bear was still a little under the weather, but we figured a little fresh air would do him (and us!) good.

It was really windy this day, so we spent some time playing with his box clubhouse in the garage.

Baby Bear made a game of spotting every stick in the yard and examining it closely.
The good part about the wind was how it made the leaves fly up into the air as we ran through them!

Day 13: Sticky Art
For our family's sticky art time, we pulled out the foam stickers and made collages on a variety of backgrounds.

Papa Bear and I cut some shapes out of sticky foam sheets to make a collage on paper. Baby Bear's favorite part was pulling back up the ones Papa Bear and I added.

Baby Bear quickly lost interest in the paper, but when I pulled out the dinosaur foam stickers, he thought they would look great on an empty diaper box sitting in the recycling pile.

Baby Bear then moved on to the big kitchen window with his dinosaur sticker. He didn't realize that he had accidentally decorated himself, too. =D

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