Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part D

Day 8: Water Play
Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and I had a lot of fun with this challenge! Although it was nice outside this day, it was not quite warm enough to play in the water out there. So, even though it wasn't bath night, we did our water play in the bath tub. Papa Bear and I gathered every bath toy we could find, put Baby Bear in the tub, and we PLAYED!!! We were there over a half hour!

Baby Bear in his tub full of toys!

Helping line all the toys up on the edge of the tub

We had a ton of fun with the squirt toys!

Day 9: Sensory Tub
I'm not one to mind a mess so long as it's manageable and in the name of fun and learning. However, I was unprepared for what came of this activity. We had fun, but I really had to work to keep my cool as my mess limits were stretched!

Contents: fruity o-shaped cereal, Puffs, Duplos, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, felt flower petals, empty tp roll, colored Duck Tape rolls. Basically, I grabbed every small, colorful thing I could think of, and Baby Bear and I talked about colors a little as we played.

We filled the tp roll with pipe cleaners and craft sticks

I showed Baby Bear how to thread the cereal onto a pipe cleaner. He actually got one on!
Baby Bear smelling a flower I made out of the felt flower petals, a pipe cleaner, and a craft stick
My kitchen floor at the end of this activity!!!
Baby Bear got to use the cleaning caddy I made him this past weekend
A few things I learned about sensory tubs:
  • Cereal makes a good filler item, but not the fruity kind. The cereal stuck to our hands and clothes, and Baby Bear tracked it into the living room just by walking. Stick with the plain stuff!
  • It's worth investing in an under-the-bed storage container.
  • Less items, more tools
  • I might just have to duct tape the box down the next time we use one... ;)
  • The fun is still worth the mess

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