Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part C

Day 6: Family Together Time
I loved this challenge! Papa Bear and I try to make sure we have family time on the weekends, but all too often that time is interrupted by some task or errand we need to take care of. It was nice to be a little more focused on our time together. We spent most of our day outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.

We played in a pile of leaves Mama Bear had raked up earlier. We jumped in, tossed up, ran through, and buried ourselves in the leaves!
Papa Bear threw the leaves up into the breeze so they would fall on Baby Bear. He thought this was great!

We explored the trees in the backyard, especially the bark. They were great for peek-a-boo too!

We played in the dirt in an empty flower pot.

We played on the swing set.

Finally, we combined our swing set and leaf pile fun before heading indoors to play some more.
Day 7: Mega Floor Doodles
Baby Bear has recently discovered the wonderful world of coloring with crayons, markers, colored pencils, and chalk. I have recently discovered the wonderful world of  Crayola's Color Wonder no-mess markers! We are not to the point where Baby Bear will sit and color for a solid 15 minutes (more like 2-5), but he asks to color at least three times a day. For this challenge, I tore off a few sheets from a roll of peel-and-stick "magic paper" (the kind that goes with the mess-free markers), stuck them too the kitchen floor, and left it out all day for Baby Bear to color on whenever he wanted. I also printed a few Thanksgiving coloring pages and set them out at his desk, and I set out a couple pieces of sidewalk chalk for our outdoor time. Basically, I made sure there were plenty of opportunities for doodling. And, whenever he wanted to color, I colored with him.

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