Sunday, December 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge, The Final Frontier

Day 29: Role Play
 I was in the kitchen getting Baby Bear a drink when he came walking in carrying a mixing bowl full of red blocks (all the same size of course... he doesn't just match the colors with his blocks!). He sat down on the floor and started mixing the blocks with his hands. I grabbed a whisk and a spoon, sat down on the floor with him, and we pretended we were cooks making Red Block Soup!
Adding the ingredients

Whisking the soup

I threw in a few more ingredients with some nearby craft supplies, but Baby Bear only kept these in for a few minutes. He only wanted red blocks in his soup.

Blowing on the soup because it was hot
 Day 30: Keep the Challenge Going
I have implemented two ways to keep this play challenge going. First, we spend more time in our living room where there is no television and no computers. Even though we still play while the TV is on (sometimes the house is just too quiet, so we three bears like the background noise), it can be a distraction. Second, I keep materials from some of these challenges out so Baby Bear is more likely to ask to do them. For example, sensory box materials, paint brushes, the PVC pipes from our reading tent, and a blanket near the table for a quick fort are in plain sight. When Baby Bear wants to do something, he with either point or grab my hand and lead me to something and say, "Do?" Keeping these materials around helps him communicate the kind of play he wants us to do together.

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