Saturday, December 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part L

Day 27: Dressing Up
As evident by many of the pictures I share on this blog, I'm lucky if I can get my Baby Bear to wear pants. The kid just doesn't like wearing clothes. So, when I read that this day's challenge was dressing up, I thought for sure we finally got one we wouldn't be able to complete. Then, while playing in Baby Bear's play room, I remembered that he had a bunch of play hats that he sometimes likes to play with. For this challenge activity, we got silly dressing up in different hats!
Every time we put a hat on Baby Bear, he quickly took it off and put it on one of us. He wanted to help us play dress up with the hats.

Yoda Mama I am.

I wore a Snuggy with the Yoda hat since Baby Bear's robe wouldn't fit me, but Baby Bear thought the fisherman's hat looked better.
 Day 28: A Special Craft
For our special craft, Baby Bear and I made an ornament for our tree that I had been excited about doing for a while. We made a clay handprint ornament! I had planned on using salt dough for this craft, but I found some Crayola Air-Dry Clay on sale while walking through Target and decided to give it a try.
Baby Bear liked making handprints in the clay, so we did this a few times, rolling it all back together in between prints. It took a couple of days to dry completely, which worked out well because I got busy with some other things I needed to take care of in the mean time. I went ahead and painted this one because I wanted the handprint to really stand out and be fully discernible. That, and the paint was not edible. I also added Baby Bear's name and the year along with a matching blue ribbon to hang it from the tree. I think this will make a great holiday tradition!

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