Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part K

Day 25: Small World Play
This day's challenge was all about pretending, creativity, and fun! For our small world play scene, Baby Bear and I pulled out his Little People barn along with some animal finger puppets and Mega Blocks. We played with the barn for a while, and then we added to the scene by building other things to go with it.

I built a tree and Baby Bear built a tower. Then, Babyzilla paid a visit to the farm and uprooted the tree!

Baby Bear helped me build a zoo for the zoo animal finger puppets. This structure didn't last long because Babyzilla came back.

I guess this zoo was more acceptable because it stayed up for more than 5 minutes. :) We also built a little house for Farmer Jed and more towers.
Day 26: Play in a Box
This activity took place on the perfect day because it was right before Papa Bear broke down all the boxes for recycling! Paired with the Christmas tree box, we had some great boxes for making a train in the living room!
A bunch of Baby Bear's stuffed animals played the parts of the passengers.
Then, Baby Bear became a passenger, too!
Just a couple days before this, Papa Bear and I introduced Baby Bear to "The Polar Express" because he likes trains. On this day, he got to ride the Polar Express in his own living room!

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