Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 23: Printing with Objects
Baby Bear loves to paint! If he sees a paint brush, chances are he will point to it and say, "Do?" Knowing how much he loves painting with brushes, I was excited to hand him a few other objects to paint with and see how he reacted.

I started him off with a paint brush, which he was keen to grab and dig into the paint with. I also handed him a plastic frog for him to make frog tracks in the paint. It was hard to pull him away from his brush, though.

He did like when I handed him an empty tape roll to make circles with (his favorite shape). I printed a few to show him how, and then he printed a few. Baby Bear also liked rolling the tape roll across the paper.
I must have failed to accurately explain and demonstrate how to paint with objects because Baby Bear seemed to think he was supposed to paint the objects. He sure had fun, though!
 Day 24: Let's Get Playful
Seeing as how this play challenge took place on Thanksgiving, the challenge was vague, simple, and family-friendly. Play, tickle, chase, etc. with mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, whomever! Papa Bear, Baby Bear, and I enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving at home with just the three of us. Chase and tickle is one of Baby Bear's favorite games, and we play this game almost every day. The evening of Thanksgiving, we also set up our Christmas tree, so Papa Bear and I let Baby Bear play and explore with the lights and plastic ornaments as they went up.

helping set up the tree

Baby Bear actually held a conversation for a good 5 minutes with a strand of lights! It was all Papa Bear and I could do to not bust up laughing so he wouldn't get distracted and stop.
He LOVED the lights!!!
Baby Bear's favorite part was pulling the tops off the ornaments. Papa Bear tried to teach him to say, "Grenade!" every time he did this.

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