Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part J

Days 20 & 21: Paint Paint Paint and Have a Party
Baby Bear and I paint quite often, but on this occasion I decided to combine two challenge activities into a longer play time to mix things up a bit. First, we had a little party that included Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and myself. We ordered pizza (a new love of Baby Bear's!... cut into tiny pieces, of course), and I made cupcakes. We also wore party hats! OK, so Baby Bear kept taking his off and putting it on Papa Bear and me. Later that evening, rather than frosting Baby Bear's cupcake, I sprayed some onto a piece of construction paper and let him paint with it a while! Then, I handed him the unfrosted cupcake to eat over his frosting painting. He quickly got the idea that if he dipped the cupcake in the frosting it tasted even better. Finally, we played a bean bag toss game with a leftover Halloween decoration. This turned into a family bean bag fight! We all laughed like crazy! It was a lot of fun to have a party for no particular reason!

Day 22: Investigation
For this play challenge, we were supposed to answer some of the hows and whys that children ask. The thing about most 15-month-old children is that they don't ask how or why, they ask what. One of Baby Bear's favorite questions is, "What's that?" So, I adapted this activity into an all day Mommy Answers Every, "What's That?" Question Challenge! I presented Baby Bear with as many new things this day as possible. New textures, books, pictures, etc. We also went shopping, during which time I showed Baby Bear as many things I thought he would be interested in as possible. Shopping is almost a guaranteed, "What's that?" time! Thank goodness he hasn't reached the point where he throws fits if he doesn't get something. :)

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