Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part I

Days 12 & 19: Field Trip, Music Making
After Baby Bear was feeling better, our schedule was full of play dates and shopping trips, so it took us a while to take our field trip. This actually worked out pretty well, though. I was planning on taking Baby Bear to a local library for Music Time anyway, so we combined those two activities!

Notice how all the other kids are sitting nicely with their parents, but my Baby Bear is up in the middle of the room. (Granted, he was the youngest participant this day.) He just loves music and gets excited being around other kids!

Up in front of everyone dancing, squealing, and running around merrily

Baby Bear snuck up to the player while I was taking a picture. Sometimes going out into public with a toddler means playing traffic cop. ;)
Day 18: Get in the Kitchen
 For this task, we were supposed to get in the kitchen and make something together. I wasn't quite sure what my 15-month-old would be able to help with. I decided to try a couple of semi-simple activities with him. Part of this went well, and part of it not so much.

Stirring the tuna and mayo together. He loved this! Now, whenever he has a spoon, Baby Bear thinks he needs to stir. I will let him help me stir things in the kitchen more often from now on!

Later in the evening, I had Baby Bear help cut shapes out of sugar cookie dough. Of course, he had to squish the dough in his hands to see what it was!

Helping Mama Bear roll the dough. Mostly, he just wanted to play with the rolling pin.
Helping make a tree cookie. He was interested in this process for about 30 seconds. The rolling pin and cookie cutters were new to him, so he didn't like being shown how to use them the right way to make cookies. He just wanted to play and explore. I think I'll have to let him do just that a few times before this cooking activity will go as planned. Oh, well... I guess I'll just have to make sugar cookies more often until he gets the hang of it! ;)

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