Monday, November 21, 2011

Traditional Handprint Turkey

What Thanksgiving arts and crafts list is complete without the traditional handprint turkey? For this activity, rather than tracing around Baby Bear's hand, I painted it brown and helped him make handprints on paper. We did three in hopes that one of them would turn out. Once that was dry, I painted on a beak, legs, and gizzard as well as added thumbprint wings (the thumb made up the head and neck, and the fingers made up the turkey's feathers). Baby Bear was painting his own picture while I did this, but at one point he reached over and wanted to help, which I let him, hence the green and brown smudge marks along the top of the page. Finally, I added small googly eyes. This will be a good keepsake picture for a scrapbook to look back some day at how small his hands once were.

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