Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ghost Painting

A while back, Baby Bear and I did a little ghost painting. Basically, we used a piece of construction paper like an Easter egg. I used a white crayon to draw on a piece of white construction paper while Baby Bear was taking a nap. After he woke up, I made my own water colors (water + food coloring), and he painted! As he painted, the pictures I had drawn became visible! Baby Bear doesn't usually paint an entire piece of paper, but this time he painted all over looking for more pictures. I love this activity because it is adaptable for children a little older than Baby Bear. Older children can draw their own pictures and use actual water colors to paint (my homemade water colors are just barely bright enough to make the pictures appear). Ghost painting is not just for Halloween!

Ho hum, just painting, painting, painting...

Hey, wait! There's a flower!

What else is on this paper?!

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