Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Make a Joyous Noise!

This holiday season, one of my favorite ways to help Baby Bear participate in the festivities is through music. Baby Bear LOVES music!!! So, most days, I put on some holiday music on my phone using Pandora (I typed in "children's Christmas music" and got more upbeat songs), and we sing, dance, or play along to the music. Sometimes, rather than using a music station, I will sing and play an "instrument" (usually one of Baby Bear's toys that jingles or rattles), and Baby Bear will join in. My favorite part is when he sings along. He bellows out a note with his mouth in a perfect oval while holding his hands up in dramatic expression. It reminds me of opera, and I can't help but smile every time he does it. :)

You don't have to have real instruments, or even toy ones like Baby Bear to have music time. We sometimes use empty coffee cans as drums, or I fill an empty plastic bottle with rice to use as a maraca. Music is only as limited as your imagination.

Putting on a concert for Mama Bear

Putting on a concert for Papa Bear
We all clapped wildly after each song, including Baby Bear.

Puffing his chest out in pride after an improvisation

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