Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hand Print "Things"

I saw this idea for hand print Things 1 and 2 on Pinterest from the Little Kinder Warriors blog, and it was irresistible. I have seen similar ideas in which only one hand was used to create the hair or the hair and face, but I chose to try this one because it also used a hand print for the body. I thought that was cute. I tried using black paper to see how it worked out, but I should have stuck with yellow like in the original post. It still turned out cute, though. I think I'm going to cut around the prints and frame it to hang in Baby Bear's nursery since it matches the decor.

We only made one of the Things because Baby Bear wanted to paint on his own after doing this one. Since he thinks he needs two of everything (one for each hand), I called this one Thing 2. The head turned out nicely, but I couldn't get Baby Bear to spread his fingers for the body. His thumb also got a little paint rubbed on it, so Thing 2 looks like he has three legs. Oh, well; it's still cute to me!

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