Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rainbow Party Platter

I know I've been focusing on rainbows a lot for St. Patrick's Day this week, but this theme works so well for helping Baby Bear practice his color words. I swell with pride when he points to something green and tells me, "Geen." So, for this rainbow activity, I made a food rainbow as a side dish for dinner. It only took a little more prep than just setting the food out on a platter. Baby Bear must have liked that we all shared the big, colorful dish because he actually ate at least a little of every food on the platter, which is uncommon for him. This food tray could be done with an assortment of foods like what I did, or it could be done as an all fruits or all veggies tray. It would make a nice platter for a St. Patrick's Day or rainbow-theme party.

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