Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Not long ago, a friend of mine pinned a picture of these cookies to one of her Pinterest boards. They were perfect for both St. Patrick's Day and spring, so I repinned them and then made them! I took a store-bought roll of plain sugar cookie dough, divided it into 4 bowls, and colored each hunk of dough a different color. Then, I grabbed a small glob from each bowl, rolled the globs into a ball, and rolled the ball like I was making a playdough snake. Finally, I swirled the dough together and followed the package's baking directions. It was more work than I expected, but I was happy with how they turned out. This batch was a trial run for cookies I'll be making for a St. Patrick's Day party. Here are some things I learned while making the cookies:
  • The food coloring makes the dough a little stickier. The first few cookies were hard to roll, so I kept my hands lightly coated with flour, and I lightly coated my rolling surface with flour like I would with homemade dough. This helped a lot.
  • Don't roll the dough too thin while rolling it like a snake. Swirling the dough together into a cookie becomes a lot more difficult when the roll is too thin. The cookies that looked the nicest when finished were the ones I used thicker rolls for (I would say about 3/8").
  • The original page this recipe came from suggested twisting the dough as you coiled it together. I found that it was easier to twist the dough as I rolled it into a tube.

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