Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music Store Field Trip

About once a month, my moms' group goes on a field trip to a local business to learn about, see behind the scenes, and be hands-on with some of the places around them. We've been to places like a fire station, grocery store, ice cream shop, pet store, pizzeria, and, most recently, a music store. I just had to share about our music store experience because I was so impressed with how hands-on the guys who work there let the kids be with the instruments. We moms were skittish at first because we were afraid of our kids breaking something (and having to pay for it!). The workers assured us that they could fix almost anything the kids could break and recommended we let the kids have at the instruments. They definitely knew how to make music fun and interesting to kids!

Baby Bear playing an electric guitar (this is when I was still nervous about letting him roam around a music store and kept him in his stroller)

Each kid received a shaker to take home. Baby Bear liked showing Baby C how the shakers worked.

His favorite part!

Personally, I preferred when he played these instead. ;)

Baby Bear wasn't content just pushing the keys while Ms. S played... he wanted to play, too! I love that my kid loves music, and experiences like this will help kindle that passion.

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