Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No-Mess Finger Paint

During the winter when I was looking for fun indoor activities to do with my Baby Bear, I came across this post from The Hippie Housewife for a non-messy method of finger painting. At the time, Baby Bear was eagerly embracing the messiness of painting, so I put this one at the bottom of my list of activities to try. Last week I began to burn-out on cleaning paint off the floor, walls, bathtub, and child every day, so this activity sounded great!

I squirted blue tempura paint into one half of the bag and yellow into the other half. I only squirted a little, but I realized as Baby Bear played that I should have used big squirts so mixing would have been easier. I did not tape the bag to the table like in the original post because I knew Baby Bear would want to examine the bag and its contents. I think next time I will try taping it, though, so he has a hard surface to "draw" on. I did find that handing him an unsharpened pencil aided in making marks in the paint without tearing the bag.

Overall, Baby Bear seemed to find this mess-free finger painting method intriguing, but he still prefers to be more hands-on with his paints. However, as a Mama Bear, I thought it was fantastic!

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